I am an American Mestizo artist from Honduras via Canada who is now living in Detroit. My work explores issues across national boundaries, including the politics of race and language, borders, and sexuality. I received bachelor's and master's degrees in fine art at the University of Windsor, Ontario with concentrations in sculpture, photography, and performance art.

My most recent work has been featured in Voyager: Migrational Narratives at the Emery Community Arts Center in Farmington, Maine; the Venice International Performance Art Week in Venice, Italy; and Untergeschoss Der Pandora Gallerie, in Berlin, Germany.

Previously, my work has been shown at the Detroit Historical Museum, as part of the show Looking For America, an event organized by the New American Economy; the American University School of Public Affairs; CuriosityConnects.us; and the University of Michigan as part of Border Control, The New Media Caucus Symposium.