Arturo Herrera

Performance Art
Wearable forms
2013, 2018


Sculpture and performance art. Plaster, chicken wire, leather. 2018 *work in progress

Semillas de Destrucción

Sculpture. Red kidney beans, cement. 9.5 x 12.25 in. 2016

Dairy Queen

Sculpture, performance art. Plaster, leather, and acrylics. 2014

El Maizito

Sculpture. Plaster and acrylics. 2014

El Banano

Sculpture, digital file - medium format. Plaster and acrylics. Various sizes. 2014

Chile Picante

Sculpture. Bronze casting, series of 5. Various sizes. 2015



Sculpture, performance art. Plaster and acrylics, 2014

El Avion

Sculpture, performance art. Plaster, seabelts, and acrylics. GIF 20 images, loop. 2014

Pedazo de Carne/Piece of Meat

Pedazo de Carne ( Piece of Meat!). Performance photography, GIF file, loop, 1:34 sec. 2018. Music by Dengue Dengue Dengue, Tablootz. Images, digital files - medium format, Varios sizes: